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Call or e-mail to register your interest in speaking with John. Initial telephone consultation is at no cost and with no obligation. Before you commit to your next business improvement effort, contact John for a frank, value laden discussion; you will never think about change in the same way again…!

Expert Advice, Guidance, Oversight & Intervention

By applying tomorrow’s thinking to today’s business improvement projects; John Bolden presents organizations large and small with the means to quickly and dramatically improve the performance and results of all forms of corporate transformation / business improvement.

John is one of the world’s leading experts in the art and science of business improvement. Unlike major consulting firms where an ‘expert’ is front and center until the deal is secured then disappears, never to be seen again except for social functions; John’s expertise is with you every step of the way, delivering extreme value in the shortest possible time no matter how large or small, how global or localized, how simple or complex, how bland or politically charged, how critical or how problematic the initiative is.

Advisory engagements (on site or virtual) are structured to provide extreme value quickly and effectively – several weeks over the course of a year, a few days or so over several months or one time consultations that take just a few hours. Longer term, continuous basis assignments such as interim leadership, end-to-end project management or immediate intervention/recovery of significant project(s) are quoted on a custom basis.

John runs lean and moves fast; securing quick victories, isolating pockets of resistance, driving toward objectives; unlike major consulting firms who bring prescriptive, pedantic, time consuming and expensive to administer methodologies into the equation, the value of which to the client is often problematic.

John’s analysis and conclusions about the prevalent causes of business improvement failure are featured in tutorials and coaching sessions given in public and private forums worldwide. John often speaks at major forums where up to 1,500 business and government leaders and staff gain an appreciation for both organization centric and project centric issues that are typically overlooked…

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Mapping the Business Landscape – A Precursor for Success

world map LOGO STYLE

Extract – Thought Leadership Forum – IPMS – Basle Switzerland

John Bolden, Corporate Transformation Advisor & Enabler

 “A Map of the Business Landscape Provides a Firm Foundation for Establishing Direction and Making Decisions about What Is, What Will Be and What has to Happen in Between…”

 With a map of the business landscape in hand; initiatives to transform, reinvent or improve the business will be far less likely to take the wrong route, far less likely to venture into unexplored places and far less likely to find out too late that what were assumed to be mere molehills turn out to be insurmountable mountains!

 A map of the business landscape fills a significant void that exists in virtually every business; the absence of a clear, concise and meaningful view of how business functions (processes, systems, information sets and work flows) interconnect, intersect and interrelate across the business. This void exists because efforts to improve the business are typically governed by linear, insular thinking. In other words, a narrow focus is applied to the vision, the plan and the actions necessary to implement the improvement.

We see time and time again where a narrow focus was the root cause of significant issues and problems. While a narrow focus helps ensure that actions are crisp and focused on attaining objectives; a narrow focus during envisioning and planning usually ensures that efforts to improve the business fail to meet expectations because the impact of the improvement upon the business as a whole was overlooked, ignored or taken for granted.

When considering what to do to improve the business, a wide angle perspective enables the best decisions about how to improve the business. Without a business landscape map, there is no wide angle perspective that effectively portrays what is, what will be and what has to happen in between. With a business landscape map; management has a firm foundation for establishing direction and making decisions as to sequence, priority, budgetary and resource allocations for any and all corporate transformation initiatives.

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Faceted Search; Like Building A Stained Glass Window

Faceted Search; Like Building A Stained Glass Window

Individually, information sets have a value within process; when a search request gathers pertinent information sets from all sources irrespective of format and presents them in a meaningful way; the value is infinitely greater since the sum spans all processes…

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Information Slios – Bane of the Enterprise

Information Slios - Bane of the Enterprise

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